room book & photo-documentation

room book & foto-documentation

Systematic collection of information of a building describing the features and characteristics of each room (and area) of a building with an accompanying photo documentation.

A room book keeps the basic data and all characteristics of each room of a property or building unit evident. In addition to general information about a room, information about surfaces is included, as well as information about windows, doors, technical equipment, general equipment and not to be forgotten damages.

According to the specific demand, this record can be varied and thus is at the same time a tool for building maintenance and renovation and for facility management. From the documentation of the actual state of a building, perfect for a catalogue of measures for restoration, to a well equipped data base for computer aided facility management.The room book is to be considered complementary to the existing plans of a building and keeps all writable information that is necessary for proper management, ranging from the locking system to technical maintenance cycles of a property.

In principle, the room book is a equivalent to a database of a building. In historical buildings, for instance, a room book can also keep information about historical equipment like furniture, fabrics, paintings, coatings and valuable surfaces. For documentation purpose files of archives can be included and linked thematically.We create detailed and standardized room books of your building. As a stand alone product or as a collection of data to complete your CAFM system. Of course already available but maybe outdated data can easily be updated and integrated.