models: digital & real

models, digital & real

Architectural models for the classic presentation of buildings and concepts and their architectural history. Traditional haptic models as well as 3D digital models, from point cloud models over solid-models to textured surface models.

The architectural model shows us, just like drawings, sketches or plans, a building in its shape and form. Superordinate it shows a building´s situation and context. 3 dimensional and interactive. It is a great tool to visualize and explain a building, its architectural history and development or a building project in a simple way. During the design process helps us to develop specific solutions and exposes obstacles and challenges early in the planning process. That is why the architectural model, be it real or digital, is an indispensable part of everyday life in architecture and historic preservation.

Due to its simple language an architectural model usually is easier to understand than a plan or a sketch. As a fact of ist 3 dimensional appearance its shape and dimensions can be realized simply. Hence architectural models are not only used in the professional workflow they are also popular to communicate architecture to the wide public. Examples are museums or design presentations.

Accompanied by specialists for modelmaking we conduct the building of your architectural model of existing buildings and their surroundings. As an efficient tool for the design and planning process, and finally as a powerful communication medium for presentations tools for inventory, concepts and ideas.