survey of details

detail survey

Diligent survey and documentation of details, components, building equipment, surface and ornament.

Detail are found through and through in buildings. They have a important contribution to a building´s quality and identity. Information on the structural, technical and artistic details and about the details of the materials used are essential for the proper and efficient use of a building and its resources.

For us the term detail is not a collective term for scattered single object in a building. Details are hand-tight items with special features as well as concepts of structural engineering, craftsmanship and applied arts excogitated for a particular purpose. Detail survey is not only a small tolerance and small scale survey of  different single parts within a building. Detail survey is the examination of details. The comprehension of the reason, function and quality.

Careful detail survey and documentation provides the necessary detailed information to make the right decisions for use and maintenance, rebuilding or restoration of buildings.