floor plans, sections & elevations

floor plans, sections & elevations

As built plans: Floor plans, sections and elevations. Accurate to shape, detailed and precise. Survey and drawing work is executed accordingly to prevalent standards, established recommendations and CAD guidelines paired with and a lot of experience.

The essential document of each building and every planning is the architectural plan, section and elevation. In several stages this plan accompanies the building during its entire life circle. From first ideas up to its construction. Following the completion of a building its plans hold all necessary information for the use, maintenance, reconstruction or restoration and even final demolition. The plan does not only include the formal and constructive details of a building. It is also a data base and indispensable tool for the operation and handling of a building.

Unfortunately of many buildings plans are no more available or insufficient. Mostly the elder the built volume is the more fragmentary are existing plans and scotches. Plans sometimes are even completely missing or have not been amended correctly. As a matter important information are no more available or plans should be estimated unreliable. Fortunately each building holds all necessary information within its basic fabric. A building is a database for itself.


In our eyes floor plans, sections and elevations are much more than the building geometry. We replace and concentrate all usefully information. Information important for replanning, refurbishment, restoration and documentation. Regarding the purpose of a plan we determine scale and content accordingly to prevalent standards and established recommendations. Also for this reason our plans hold a long term validity and a general comprehensibility. Further, if not arranged differently, we use current cad-guidelines so our plans can easily be edited and reproduced by third parties. 

We provide perfect as built plans, sections and elevations.