building services engineering

building services engeneering

Infomation about about historic or modern building service engineering and supplies and of details of technical equipment of existing buildings.


Buildings have various technical equipment details. The more recent a building, the more varied is the technology to be found. Also historical buildings may have several technical details, according to their temporal context which sometimes might seem odd today. Technical installations and equipment out of service, sometimes unique and fascinating machinery and systems as an evidence of the history of technology. Especially during the last decades, the most important and most commonly used components have been continuously adapted and expanded. Some no longer necessary components have been removed, some just shut down.

During this not always all bays, lines, pipes, cables and cavities were recorded and executed measures were documented. As a matter of fact it is difficult to maintain an overview and plan meaningful in historical buildings. Sometimes historic components shall be reactivated.

Plans and schemes of technical building equipment and technical equipment of outdoor facilities, modern and historically, active or shut down provide you with all necessary information for reasonable planning. Information essential to the economic use and maintenance, for replaning and restoration, and for ensuring the general operation and plant safety.